Degenerate Team

Let us introduce you to the incredible team that keep Degenerate Art ticking day to day and the faces behind the Art.

Before we do that lets give you a brief history of the studio and the philosophy we believe in.

Degenerate Art was formed by Kristian Jeffrey and Katie Leedham in the summer of 2014. The Studio went from strength to strength year on year becoming the largest, most established studio in Staffordshire and the Midlands. The Studio was later passed on and sold in December of 2021 to one of the studio Artists James Randall and his Wife Victoria Randall. The Studio continues to grow with 7 established award winning Artists and an Art Gallery on the Bottom floor.

The Philosophy of Degenerate Art is and always will be to provide the most relaxed and luxurious experience to our clients as well as incredible Art and Tattoos of course. We provide the best space, the best service and the highest quality Artists in their craft.



James has been tattooing for 3 and a half years. James had a vast portfolio of portraits before he started tattooing at age 23. This laid the foundations to a seamless transition to portraiture in tattooing.


James's style has vastly developed over the past 15 months to more colour realism/surrealism work which was inspired by experimentation in oil painting.

James started working at Degenerate Art at the end of 2019. Since then James's work has developed on all fronts which has led to him being invited to some of the biggest tattoo conventions in the world. As well as a feature in Global Tattoo magazine.

2 years on James and partner Victoria went on to take ownership of Degenerate Art, in which many thanks were given to Kristian Jeffrey and Katie Leedham for the foundations that were laid.

        James Randall



Michael Rigg

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Experienced Artist 

Mike has been tattooing for around  years, he has a huge portfolio over the years and has the most experience at the studio.

Having been tattooing for so long Mike has managed to go through almost all styles giving him great knowledge in all areas of the tattoo industry. 

Mike started working at Degenerate Art in 


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Daniel Tomkinson

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Black and Grey Resident Artist

Dan has been tattooing for around 4 and a half years. Dan's portfolio consists of many black and grey portraits, realistic images and animals.

Dan's art experience stems from the surrealistic drawings he did in college and previous experience from high-school. 

Dan started his tattoo career in Stafford, where he did around a year before moving onto his next studio. He specialised in line-work and script in his apprenticeship and then slowly moved towards realism.


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